Best Horror Movies of 2016

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Horror is kind of genre everyone goes gaga over and not even one single person can deny that he or she finds it boring. In 2016, Hollywood gifted us some of the best horror movies and we cannot stop thanking them. Here is a list of the best horror movies from last year which will give you the creeps to the core –

  • The Witch – This movie is based on the age old believes of Witches and the plot surrounds a family from the 17th Century in the United Kingdom. After being banished from the town, the family starts residing in a forest which is unforgiving and gloomy. Unnatural events start taking place after their youngest son Samuel goes missing for no reason. The brilliant performance by Thomasine played by Anya Taylor-Joy and excellent direction by Robert Eggers make the movie both unique and terrifying.
  • Lights Out – This movie literally gave me the creeps to the core. A mentally unstable mother brings her troubled friend from the outside world. The kids however, try hard to get rid of the monster which can only be seen when the lights are off. The plot seems simple but watching the movie makes it more fun and scary and trust me; it does makes you want to sleep alongside with your mother for the night.
  • The Invitation – The name seems quite pleasant I know but seriously, don’t watch the movie alone ever. Like for real ever! The movie isn’t only horrifying but it has the ability to mess up with your mind. Ex spouses meet up for a dinner party along with their new partners and that isn’t even weird. The real reason behind the dinner party will make you scream out loud. Watch the movie for some more insiders.
  • The Conjuring 2 – This Ed and Lorrain Warren classic series sequel is my personal favorite. A single mother trying her best to raise four children in a place filled with vicious spirits in London. The events that takes place in the movie is simply terrifying and I love it how Lorrain handles the situation by saving bother her husband and the little girl. Won’t  reveal much though!