Personalized Gifts for Couples: Monogrammed Antique Silver

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Engraved antique silver items make a perfect wedding gift for the happy couple, or a perfect gift for a special anniversary or Christmas present. Getting a monogram engraved onto the items makes them personalized gifts and an elegant and unique way show your love.

Engraved Monograms on Antique Silver

Before adding monograms to expensive antique silver, take some time to search for pieces that already have initials from the original owner. Monogramming sterling silver was a popular thing to do in the 19th and early 20th centuries and with a little patience something may eventually turn up on online auctions or in antique markets. Otherwise, once you’ve have a sterling silver item to monogram, find an engraver with a reputation for doing good work.

Older Sterling Silver Flatware

Most young couples today like sleek lines for the decorative items their homes. Unless the couple really likes those over-the-top embossed designs of the 19th century, you’re better off picking a simple and more conservative old sterling silver flatware pattern.

Most engraved flatware includes only the first initial of the last name for the monogram. Pick a design that fits the lines of the top of the flatware pieces, and of a size that is small enough to keep it subtle and classy.

Monogrammed Sterling Silver Plates and Trays

Antique sterling silver plates and trays are meant to be seen and will easily sit on an easel on the buffet. There are simple sleek designs and shapes and very ornate designs. As with sterling silver flatware, pick a style that will suit the couples taste. The engraved monogram can be both their initials or simply the first initial of their last name, and it would traditionally be engraved in the center of the plate or tray.

Antique Sterling Silver Tea Set

For those sleek more contemporary designs, pick an antique sterling silver tea set or tea service made in the art deco period. Their clean designs will will work in contemporary decor as well as the stylistic Victorian parlor.

Picking a Monogram to Engrave

When picking a monogram to engrave, keep it simple. Choose lettering that suits the style and lines of the piece and ensure the size is well-balanced with the size of the sterling silver piece. Ask the engraver to show you examples lettering for the monogram to be engraved.

Engravers are easily found online by doing a search for “jewelry engravers your city.” You can also find an engraver by looking through the yellow pages or searching through The American Gem Society website.