Some Misconceptions about the Furry Fandom

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Misconceptions about fandoms are pretty common especially to those who are not uninitiated. The media often portray furries in a negative way which can drive interested people away from them. The furry fandom feel that this is a bit unfair on their part as they just want to have good and clean fun with others. Let us look at some of the common misconceptions about the furries to help shed some light on the fandom.

A popular misconception about furries is that they are people who think that they are animals. The reason behind this is that the media finds it unusual to be a fan of anthropomorphic animals especially when you are older. Age however, should not dictate a person’s hobbies or interest and the same can also be said with regards to furries. They are fans of a particular content just like a person who is a Star Wars fan but aren’t really a Jedi.

It should be noted that there are indeed people who identify themselves with animals however, furry is not the correct term or word to describe them. They call themselves therian which is short for therianthrope somebody who feels a connection with an animal.


Another misconception is that people think that all of the furries wear costumes or suits. Although the fandom is often identified by their vibrant and eye catching fursuits that are worn to make them resemble an anthropomorphic animal character, it is important to note that fewer than 20% of furries actually own a fursuit. The reason behind this is that fursuits are troublesome to make. Not only are they time consuming but buying one also cost a considerable amount of resources, unlike Loveplugs which are cheap to buy. Others are not interested in wearing them because they are pretty taxing to wear all throughout an event.

A small number of fans show their interest in the fandom by dressing up as their own anthropomorphic character with a matching furry personality. These however, are rare occurrences as they are usually worn and reserved for conventions or other fan gatherings and not for daily life. The rest exhibits their interest in other forms by viewing, commissioning, or creating furry-themed artwork, stories, music, and even games.

There are still plenty of misconceptions about furries. Attending furry conventions can be a good way to helping give you a better understanding about the fandom. Look for the nearest convention in your area today!