What Are Squishies Made out of?

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The squishy craze came out of nowhere and how has become one of the most popular toy line in the present. Their inherent cuteness has contributed greatly in making them irresistible to their audience. This is the reason why both young and old people alike love collecting squishies especially with its huge variety of designs. Newcomers who are interested in collecting these type of toys want to learn more about them. There are a number of questions revolving around squishies and one of them is about the material that is used in creating them. Let us take a closer look at what squishies are made out of.

Squishies aside from their unique look, are also loved because of their squishiness just as their name implies. Because of this, they fall under the category of stress toys which are designed to help relieve stress from their owners. Squishies excel and doing just that as they are able to return to their normal shape in a couple of seconds after being squeezed. This is made possible with the material known as Polyurethane which is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate links. The material itself has also grown in popularity becoming widely used in a variety of applications. This includes apparel, appliances, automotive, building and construction, composite wood, electronics, flooring, furnishing, marine, medical and many more.


Polyurethane’s flexibility has made it a great material to be used in squishies. This in turn makes it possible for manufacturers to shape the squishy into different forms and design them in any way they want with little to no problem. It is important to note that squishies capitalize on their unique design and this is where Polyurethane becomes handy as it allows their users the freedom that they need to create their squishies.

It should be noted that little amounts of Polyurethane are used in creating squishies making them perfectly safe, more information at wsh. With that being said, it is important for parents to understand that squishies does not fall under the category of a chew toy. Because it is fairly small in nature, these type of toys can pose as a choking hazard to children. This is the reason why it is important for parents to educate their children to avoid putting squishies inside their mouth. This extra precautionary measure will definitely go a long way in helping your kids enjoy play with squishies in a safe manner.